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Always passionate about travel, The Rooted Gypsy is expanding!

Feliz año nuevo! 新年快樂 Gelukkig nieuwjaar! Bonne année! Ευτυχισμένο το νέο έτος! And, of course, Happy New Year from all of us here at The Rooted Gypsy!

Wherever you rang in the New Year I sincerely hope it was incredible and is only the beginning of a wonderful year! It’s impossible to close the chapter of another year without some reflection and, hopefully, a little optimism for the future.

The Rooted Gypsy Rollercoaster

Looking back, 2019 was a rollercoaster ride full of steep climbs, stomach-clenching drops, and unforeseen sharp turns. If you follow along on my Facebook and Instagram to you witnessed first hand many of these twists and turns including my mom’s cancer diagnosis and treatments to the launching of my family’s boutique winery.

Rooted Gypsy's family winery
Wine Pick-Up Party at the Gypsy’s family winery

We mined for gems in San Diego, Mardi Gras’ed like a native in NOLA, and dove headfirst into the wilderness of Montana. Lori brought us along while she swam with manatees and Kendra took us underground in Paris.

But the most unexpected twist of 2019 came just as mom defeated her cancer. In case you missed it on social media, Mr. Gypsy and I discovered we are going to be parents!

The Rooted Gypsies are expanding
The Rooted Gypsy is expanding…literally

So what does this mean for The Rooted Gypsy?

Well, I’m assuming one can’t have a child without having to make a few changes, or so I’m told. But we fully intend to keep exploring as much as possible, little gypsy in tow.

We just might be a bit disorganized at first and slow to get our travel articles out on the first of every month as we have over the past few years. We beg your forgiveness as we transition into the chaos known as parenthood. Happy thoughts and prayers are always welcome!

Will The Rooted Gypsy still be a travel blog?

Absolutely! We are still a travel blog at heart but now with the occasional ‘best things to do with a kid while in XYZ” article thrown. We still intend to cover travel from every angle, but there may be a new little model in some of the travel shots.

The Rooted Gypsy as a child
My little gypsy will start their modeling career early, like her mother who is obviously a natural

Will you still welcome new and returning writers?

OF COURSE! Honestly, I look forward to working with new and returning writers more now than ever!!! I’m always looking for fellow Rooted Gypsies. Want to become a travel writer? Shoot me an email or direct message and let’s make it happen!

Now that we got that all clear, CHEERS TO THE NEW YEAR! What are your hopes and aspirations for the new year?

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Always passionate about travel, The Rooted Gypsy is expanding!

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