About The Rooted Gypsy

You could say that I come by my wanderlust honestly. The daughter of a free-spirited, surfing waitress and a professional cross-country mover, I had seen most of the country from the dog trot of an eighteen-wheeler before I started kindergarten. My parents lived on a houseboat before I came along, lending to the aversion of setting down too strong of roots.

By the way, my name’s Jessica. And who may be asking yourself what could cause someone with such peregrinating feet to settle down and establish roots you may ask? How does one become a Rooted Gypsy? Well, love of course!

Pike in field
That’s the hubster enjoying another day on the farm

The Rooted Part of the Equation

A Nurse Practioner and the son of a 4th generation farmer/rancher, he couldn’t imagine a life without dirt under his fingernails and the sound of content livestock in the barn.

Having never been on a vacation and only traveling with the college football team, going somewhere for the sheer joy of going was somewhat of a novelty!

It wasn’t long until curiosity took root and he, too, was counting down the days until our next adventure.

Halibut fishing with Alaska Charter and Adventures
Halibut fishing with Alaska Charter and Adventures

And as much as we would love to “quit our jobs and travel the world”, let’s face it, it’s just not that simple and life doesn’t work that way.

But one day we will. One day we will travel beyond the number of vacation days allotted to us by our employers. And that day is soon.

But until then, we will make the most out of weekend getaways, work alongside each other on the farm, and combat burnout until the day comes when we can finally uproot. Until then we must remain a Rooted Gypsy.

Working cows
Herding cows

Feeding Our Gypsy Souls

Until then we can be curious. We can travel and connect and learn and come back home better for it.

Bengali Wedding
Hey! That’s me on the right!

Are You A Rooted Gypsy?

I know we aren’t the only ones. Are you a fellow Rooted Gypsy? Want to connect and share your stories on The Rooted Gypsy?

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Disclaimer: While I will always strive for correctness and accuracy in my posts, please know that these accounts come straight from our first-hand experiences or from guest bloggers experiences and therefore are subject to differ greatly from others opinions and experiences.