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What’s a Rooted Gypsy? Read on, dear Reader. Read on…

You could say that I come by my wanderlust honestly. The daughter of a free-spirited, surfer/waitress and a professional cross-country mover, I had seen most of the country from the dog trot of an eighteen-wheeler before I started kindergarten.

By the way, my name’s Jessica. Nice to meet ya!

I help inspire families to get out and explore. To immerse themselves in the journey, ignite their curiosity, and embrace the change that meaningful travel brings.

mom and baby hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains
Just me and my mini hiking in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

His Roots Run Deep

Born and raised on a farm, he couldn’t imagine a life without dirt-smudged jeans. I had starry-eyed dreams of far-off places. You know what they say about opposite attract? Yup, that was us.

Pike in field
Mr. Gypsy living the farm life

Fresh out of college, newlyweds, and helping out on his family’s farm, we rarely had the time (or the money) for vacations. We’d climbed to the top of our professional ladders until it ran out of rings. Predictably, it didn’t take long for burnout to set in.

Working cows
As a fourth-generation rancher, his roots run deep

We needed a change of scenery.

We spent two weeks unplugged, trekking around Yellowstone and that was all it took to refresh our souls. We immediately began planning a trip abroad. First Mexico. Then Greece. Then Bangladesh. And everywhere in between.

Bengali Wedding
Oh look! That’s us in Bangladesh!

Whether exploring our home state or chasing salmon in Alaska, each trip left us jazzed about the new things we discovered and hungry for more. Our newfound curiosity and the thrill of discovery pulled us back from the brink of burnout and left us excited about the future.

Raising the Next Generation of Gypsies

Speaking of the future! We welcomed our little Gypsy into this world in 2020 and we couldn’t be more excited to show her the world! Her curiosity and excitement to explore are contagious. Watching her unabashed joy of discovering the world around her brings a whole new element to our travels. I firmly believe traveling with her, from day one, is one of the most powerful ways to instill empathy, acceptance, and appreciation.

And I encourage you to do the same!

Deuter Child Comfort III hiking carrier
Ever wonder what pure joy looks like?

Feeding Our Gypsy Souls

We make the most out of weekend getaways, work alongside each other on the farm, and embrace any adventure that comes our way!

Who knows, maybe one day will uproot ourselves and slow travel the world (a girl can dream, right?!?) Until then, we wander where fate plants us! Where are we now? Currently in Austin, Texas!

But wanderlust is always tapping us on the shoulder.

Are You A Rooted Gypsy?

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